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Best Seven Door Lock Installations Locksmiths Can Do

best seven types of door lock installations locksmiths can do

24 Hour Locksmith Miami experts cannot understand how people think door handles and knobs are the only types of door lock installations. However, locksmiths can do seven other lock installations, but each design has different advantages and disadvantages, which can come into play when an attempted burglary occurs.

For instance, imagine waking up at night to the sound of somebody attempting to open your front door. The sound of the handle wiggling is unmistakable, but when you hear a slam, things can get rowdy.

After many slams, you know what’s happening now: somebody is attempting to break your door down to enter your home. But you got the courage to scream obscenities or yell things like I have a gun making the intruders run off into the night, sparing you a horrible incident.

The excellent news is that the door lock and door itself prevented a break-in, but the awful information is that now you know what can happen if you have weak locks on your door. Usually, a burglary incident could have turned into a home invasion. So if an awful burglary episode happens, consider calling a locksmith for a door lock repair service in Miami.

So, to understand which lock can withstand force like a kick or prevent lock picking, you have to know what locks are on the market today, and I will proudly show you some:

1. Entry Door Knob Installations

Entry doorknobs are the most ordinary and come in circular or egg-shaped designs. Each has a lock in the center of the handle and can be stylish and cheap. However, these can be the most vulnerable to lock picking depending on the brand of your lock, locks age, and model.

New doorknobs can become more robust than the older versions, mainly from materials like steel or nickel-plated metal.

2. Lever Door Handles

lever door handles

Lever door handles make opening a door simple, particularly if you have a bag of goods in both arms! These handles might include a lock at the center, mainly if they are thumb-lever handles.

If you think there not providing enough security, consider adding a different lock over the lever besides a deadbolt.

3. Mortise Door Lock Installations

If you want a door handle and lock designed to enhance your door security, a mortise lock is a thing that you need. People install mortise locks in custom security doors inserted into a cubic hollow inside the entryway. It allows the door handle and locks to become a sturdy part of the entryway.

These locks may bring a double or even triple-cylinder deadbolt lock in combination. Frequently use these locks to secure public and private buildings (mainly back doors). Their one drawback is the cost of a custom door fitting the lock.

As the professional needs to install the lock into the entryway, they aren’t regularly installed in stylized doors.

4. Deadbolt Lock Installations

deadbolt lock installations

These high-security locks come with single or double-cylinder capacities, connecting the entryway to the door frame. Most homes have holes drilled in the frame to accommodate these significant locks, even though for double-cylinder locks, you may need to drill extra holes to fit. Lock picking of deadbolts is difficult, not impossible, because of the force required to move the bolt’s heaviness or bolts.

An expert locksmith will usually install a deadbolt lock by inserting the cylinder through the opening of the door. After that, the expert needs to align the turning assembly rods attached to the front plate by connecting the front plate and the backplate through the connecting holes in the cylinder assembly. Finally, the bolt must retract and extend if both sides are inserted, screw in all components, and finish!

Expert locksmiths recommend deadbolt locks to increase the security of your home from burglars. Deadbolts can come with anti-pick, anti-bump, plus many more features that can make any burglar retreat.

5. Electronic Door Locks

As of late, these locks have soared because of their convenience and unwavering quality. Also, these locks are easy to install, just like regular locks.

Electronic door locks come standard with a press-button keypad that you can program with a numerical code for simple entry. Some models come with key locks in case the user forgets the password. Always remember to keep your code secret!

6. Smart locks

smart locks 2

Much like electronic locks, these door lock installations are easy to implement. These offer a one-of-a-kind feature: rather than using a key or a password to enter. All users need is a key fob or an application on their smartphone to open.

You can remotely open these locks from any place with the internet. In addition, combining smart locks with surveillance cameras can guarantee that you permit each person who enters your house.

7. Padlocks

Padlocks are not permanently attached to a door. Instead, these locks arrive in various sizes, free-standing and portable, and people usually recognize these locks around the garage and shed doors. Padlocks come in two styles: combination and keyed. Combination locks have several dials that open the lock when entering the right combination. The cheap padlocks are frequently simple to open, but the sturdier ones resemble high-security locks.

Keyed locks have a few options, for example, non-rekeyable and re-keyable padlocks. If your padlock is non-rekeyable, you can’t change the key that opens the lock, for instance, to make it use the same key as your home. Padlocks can also be key-retaining or non-key-retaining.

A key-retaining lock doesn’t permit the user to remove the key while the padlock is open. Also, padlocks can have a shrouded shackle which is an extension of the body where the shoulders of the lock raise the sides of the shackle to make it difficult for bolt cutters to cut the padlock. And padlocks come in various styles, materials, and levels of security.


caraballo liberty miami

Home security is something that people don’t think about until somebody breaks in and takes the things they own. The average cost or loss of a burglary to property owners and renters is 2799 dollars, and the average burglary takes around eight minutes. Yes, surveillance cameras can help recognize intruders. However, only about 13% of burglary cases police investigate.

So protecting your family and property is up to you, but how would you protect your house from an intrusion?

First, let’s start with the first line of defense: installing sturdy exterior door lock installations. Next, read this link to help choose the right locksmith near you.

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