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Best Deterrents for Patio Glass Door Security

what deterrents do miami locksmiths recommend for patio glass door security

Miami Locksmiths experts use the best patio glass door security to keep burglars from entering through your back door. Simple, by making your patio door more robust than the thieves. Most burglars enter through the front entryway of a home. However, thieves often enter through the back door, including sliding glass doors.

From front doors to windows, consider everything when dealing with intruder prevention. Your front entryways can be outfitted with high security door locks, deadbolts, and other deterrents. Although your sliding door may look like an impossible security challenge, there are approaches to protect patio doors.

The Right Patio Glass Door Lock Enhances Security

the right lock

The latches on the patio glass doors aren’t secure. It’s also ideal to buy an entryway that doesn’t have a lock accessible from the exterior.

Often, the standard lock on sliding doors isn’t sufficient to withstand a burglar’s forced entry technique. An auxiliary lock can prevent intruders from damaging or removing the entryway off the track.

A locksmith can install the Toledo lock, so your sliding glass door can become a much more difficult task for burglars. It’s resistant to bolt cutters and hacksaws, so it’s troublesome to bypass. It brings keys to the lock and opens the bolt for extra security when using the sliding patio door. Call your local locksmith to install any sturdy lock for better peace of mind.

Window Film

Doesn’t every homeowner like their house with much natural light? However, the glass that allows light inside is a significant issue. Criminals usually prefer not to draw attention to themselves, but there are instances of burglars smashing patio door glass.

Applying a window film is a good approach to securing your patio door’s glass. You can apply the film yourself, or you can have the film expertly installed. You can purchase the film at a hardware store or purchase a security film from 3M instead.

The 3M films require expert installation but offer great protection. Often, the 3M film blends well with the door glass, whereas cheaper films look like a shower curtain. The film makes the glass shatterproof and holds all the broken shards together. When a criminal attempts to break the glass, he/she will be successful but won’t get through the film.

Alarm sensors

alarm sensors

Another approach to protecting against glass attacks is using a home security system. Most alarm sensors include glass break sensors. These sensors can detect the sound glass makes when it breaks.

And if the system detects a sound, it can alert you or your monitoring center. If you have video surveillance attached to your security system, this can trigger the camera to record any activity occurring so you can have evidence for the police.

Another type of sensor usually used in home security is a door/window sensor. This won’t stop someone from breaking the glass. But it will help if someone forces open the door since they monitor open/close movement. Thus, your alarm will sound and will call for help.

Put a rod in the tracks

Some sliding patio doors bring a metal rod or bar for added security. If you have one, use it! It can help strengthen the entryway from bypass techniques. If your entryway does not bring a bar, including one as a cheap fix.

You can purchase a wooden dowel from your neighborhood home hardware shop. This is a sound alternative as it ensures against forced entry techniques and protects you from lock pickers.

Use an armor latch

Armor Latch secures various kinds of break-ins. It secures against criminals that pry the door open, others that try to lift it off of its tracks, and clever ones that lock-pick the lock. Also, you can use this instead of placing a bar in the tracks. It is self-installed and works a lot like a deadbolt. It used a dual locking system and hardened steel locking pins to hold the sliding door to the wall frame.

When in doubt, call your local Locksmith for questions and any lock installation services.

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