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Best Business Locksmith Security Tips for Worried Owners

business locksmith panic bar installation

Business Locksmith realizes some factors that improve your business property’s security differ from ensuring home properties. Burglars will do the same process they use to enter a home to enter a business. 

An intruder sees something they want in your store or office, and a standard key and lock system will not do much to stop the bypass of the door. A powerful kick, pry, screwdriver hit, bump key, or even a credit card can overwhelm a cheap key and knob lock system. 

Your business that feeds your family and provides everything to them is in danger from the front, side, or back door burglar attacks. A professional business locksmith can find your business weaknesses. Wynwood Locksmith services will implement solutions to keep your business protected constantly. 

But first, read our commercial locksmith services top tips for keeping your business safe from criminals.


Do Business Background Checks 

If you have a family business with friends and family members, maybe you may want to skip this tip. You might get some of them offended. However, ensure to conduct background checks on all your employees. 

Try not to hire anyone who has a criminal history, particularly a past filled with robbery or theft. So, background checks decrease the odds of getting taken advantage of by an employee. Most burglars and criminals avoid businesses that conduct criminal background checks. 


Business Locksmith install High-Security Locks

business locksmith security tips for owners

Hire a reliable locksmith business service to have high-security deadbolt locks install at your business. Make sure to ask the locksmith if these locks are made of hardened steel and have high-security features that prevent attacks from kicking, bolt cutters, drilling, hammers, lock picking, and lock bumping. 


Business Locksmith Services also offers Safe Installation  

burglar safe installation

Try to buy a robust and quality safe for your business. Ensure to install the burglar safe on a sturdy hidden wall or safely bolt it into the ground. Things you can safely include money, sensitive documents, hard drives, records, or different resources like valuable jewelry.

If you have a personal safe in your office, you can keep your smartphone, wallet, and important documents safely without the worry of employee theft.


Do you have Broken Doors, Locks, and Windows? Get them Repaired ASAP 


If the exterior front or back doors, locks, or windows have wear and tear or broken or encountering any kind of glitch, fix them quickly. Therefore, you can ensure that the security offered by these deterrents still keeps you safe.

The more time you wait to repair windows, locks, or entryways, the higher your chances of getting attack by a burglar.


 Rekeying Business Locks 


If your business experience a high employee turnover, consider hiring a locksmith to rekey your locks. It’s not simple to get keys back from workers, particularly ones that left on bad terms. The truth, you don’t know whether they have made copy keys.

It’s a better tip to practice rekeying the locks on your exterior doors periodically. A trusted business locksmith can rekey your locks cheaply and without changing or replacing the entire lock. 

Take Cybersecurity Serious 

A critical piece of the economy works on the web or online. It doesn’t make any difference whether you have a global corporation or a small company; the web is fundamental for your business success. However, the web likewise has its security risks that can bankrupt a business. 

Bad programmers or better-known hackers, malware, and even system glitches can undermine a business’s capacity to work right. It means online security measures like firewalls, antiviruses, and system backup are essential. Set up a plan, and remember about protecting your social media too. 


Business lock maintenance


For example, the maintenance of locks, keeping your locks lubricated, gets neglected by numerous business owners. Locks are made of metal and have many moving parts made of, you guessed it, metal. Thus, metal locks can rust and deteriorate. When you slide your key in and turn it, it pushes a series of wafers or pins, which need to work efficiently. 

Your commercial locks, particularly those on the outside doors, also face the weather factor and prone to damage from water, rust, and dust. You can have your new locks working fine, but after some time, the interior parts of your locks jam and ultimately stop and quit working.

Some lubricant like WD-40, sprayed into the keyway of your locks, can lessen friction, keep pins moving smoothly, and lengthen the lifespan of your locks. 


Caraballo Liberty Locksmith Business Services 

Caraballo Liberty Locksmith

If you want more information on keeping your business safe from burglary and theft, contact a Commercial Locksmith today.


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