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Best Apartment Security Door Tips to Prevent Burglaries

apartment security door tips

Our best apartment security door tips can prevent homeowners be a victim of burglary and robberies in any city or state including Florida. Burglary is a non-confrontational crime. However, our 24 emergency Locksmith services know being victimized can leave a family feeling violated and vulnerable.

To prevent burglaries, you have first to comprehend who commits them and why. Most apartment break-ins happen during the daytime when most people are away at work or school. Burglar’s committed this crime around nighttime when there are clear signs that nobody is home.

Most apartment criminals are young males looking for a quick buck, for example, expensive things that can easily be exchanged for money or drugs. Things like money, jewelry, guns, gold, laptops, smartphones, and other electronic gadgets are high on the list.

A good percentage of all apartment burglars gained entrance through an open door or window. Plus, these criminals use tools like screwdrivers, pliers, little pry bars, and little hammers. I know most burglaries may look like random events; some can include spying.

The burglar’s selection process is fundamental. Pick an empty apartment with the most straightforward entrance, has good cover, and the best escape routes. A so-called non-confrontational crime can leave returning victims devastated, the valuable things will be taken, and your place violated.

Try not to be a victim and follow our best apartment building tips. These tips will assist you with doing your part in keeping your apartment safe from burglary and various crimes.


Lock Up your Apartment Door Lock and Hide your Key!

Apartment door lock and key

This may appear like a no-brainer, but most residential burglaries occur through unlocked doors and windows. Ensure to lock your apartment building door for increased security, if you’re at home or not.  And request that your landlord install deadbolt locks besides a peephole on your front door. Make sure to replace your window latches with window locks.

Mainly if you live on the ground floor or even on a second floor, ensure you lock your windows. Moreover, if you have sliding glass patio doors, add a dowel or steel bar to slide into the door track for added security. And again, patio doors come with latches; ask your locksmith to replace them with deadbolt locks.

Furthermore, track your keys and don’t give laborers or various outsiders maintenance your apartment key when somebody you trust isn’t present.


Know your Apartment Buiding Neighbors


Knowing your neighbors allows you to look out for each other’s apartment. If you’re leaving town, ask them to hold your mail. And have friends or a trusted neighbor keep an eye on your condo while you’re away.

What’s more, think about joining or organizing an apartment watch like a neighborhood watch program. The neighbors in your building can work as a team and pay attention to each other apartments.


Play with the Lights


Lighting can prevent or at least make a burglar think twice about targeting your apartment. When you leave for much time, consider using a timer to turn the inside lights on and off. You can connect a smart home tech since you can program smart lights off and on from a far distance with a smartphone application.


Hide Expensive Valuables in a Home Safe

invest in a home safe

Put cash, credit cards, jewelry, and other expensive electronics in a safe place and out of sight. There are many alternatives for careful storage, as fake walls and even cereal boxes. However, storing valuables is the best choice for buying a home safe that bolts to a floor or wall.


Cover Up your Apartment First Floor Windows


If you live on the apartment ground or first floor, install curtains or blinds to prevent burglars from peering in to spy in your space. If you can see everything inside that window from the outside, close the blinds. For windows that provide less visibility or on higher floors, leave the blinds open to permit natural light inside.


Be Alert

Always look at the solicitors and delivery personnel waiting in your building, observe dubious behaviors, and alarm the police and your property manager immediately.


Caraballo Liberty Locksmith Offer Apartment Security Door Lock Installers

24 hours Caraballo Liberty Locksmith

Suppose you need to enhance your apartment security and have permission from the landlord, contact Caraballo Liberty Locksmith. We can install high-security deadbolt locks and electronic locks for modern protection for increased apartment security.

Most burglars attack unlocked or locked doors first. So please hire a Miami locksmith so you can rest easy knowing the front door is covered. Do you want to read more on apartment security? Read this Home Security Tips for Apartment Owners.

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