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The Best Advanced Shed Security Tips

advanced shed security with a heavy-duty padlock

Not everyone may have a shed, but those who do may have something valuable! Here are the best shed security tips. Although locksmith in Miami, FL technicians talk much about home security, sheds are another part of a home you must protect. Yes, sheds are common targets for intruders. People typically loaded up the shed with power or garden tools and valuable hardware, and they’re frequently less secure than the house. An insecure shed can cost you more than you might think, especially if you have many costly tools stored.

Likewise, intruders could use the tools inside your shed to help break into your house. Keeping your shed secure is more significant than most people want to admit.

Therefore, allow our Miami Locksmith security experts shed some light on the best garden shed security:

Pick the Location of your shed Carefully

Preferably, you need to place your shed far from the road, yet not so far out that you can’t see it from home. If a criminal target your shed, you’ll want to know what’s going on.

Anchor the Shed

anchor the shed

A criminal could lift one side to access your valuables if you have a small shed. To keep this from occurring, anchor your shed to the floor, wall, or object. Think about using L brackets, screws, and rawl-plugs or putting breeze blocks inside to make it too heavy to lift. You could even attach or chain it to a wall to keep your shed from flying off or moving on windy days.

Replace the Shed Door Hinge

Your shed’s door hinge could become the easiest target for a burglar. You typically see the hinge attached with short screws, making them easy to unscrew or force off. You can strengthen them by replacing the screws with nuts and screwing the nut to the bolt within the entryway. It should stop criminals from trying to pry the entryway off your shed.

The Best Advanced Shed Security Tips are to update the Shed Padlock

brown padlock shed security

The lock that your shed brings is another weak point a burglar can bypass. A hasp and a sturdier padlock will increase the security. It’s a moderately cheap approach to update the security of your shed too. While you’ll want the best lock for your shed, you would prefer not to make it appear as though you have something expensive to hide, so it is hazardous to connect many padlocks on the door.

Closed shackle padlocks ensure your shed can get broken into with bolt cutters and saws since they have unprotected a small section of the shackle. Always buy a heavy-duty padlock when you have stored costly equipment in your shed because thieves will have difficulty trying to break through.

Obscure Windows

If you have windows, criminals can see whether your shed merits a break-in. If they see something that is costly, they will break inside. Windows are the weak point in home security and shed security, enabling a criminal to enter by breaking the glass or frame after failing to bypass the front door lock or padlock.

If you use the shed to store things, don’t bother with windows or block them instead. You can do this with window film that also brings features that prevent glass shattering or use a glass-frosting spray to make it almost impossible to see inside.

If you work in your shed and need the windows for light, think about blinds or curtains, but ensure they are completely closed when you’re not home.

Install an Alarm

install an alarm

Often, even with the above security measures set up, thieves will still break in if they have the skills and the right tools. Installing an alarm to scare them away can work well with your deterrents. Set up a motion sensor in the shed’s corner and an entryway sensor, and an alarm will sound when an intruder tries to break in.

Another Best Advanced Shed Security Tips are to Put Tools Away at Night and Lock Larger Items Together

Forgetting or leaving out garden tools is terrible for your property’s security. Besides the fact that it looks as you don’t care about your things, intruders could also use the tools to break into your shed or even your home. Try arranging your shed with a pegboard, hooks, and storage shelves. So, keeping your yard clean of tools will be straightforward!

Similarly, if you lock big things together using a chain, you can make it difficult for burglars to take your valuables. Lock your lawnmower, motorcycle, bicycle, and your leaf blower together. Luckily, the thief will have more difficulty taking your things since the extra weight could give them up. It’s also difficult to cut a thick chain, plus adding an Abloy PL 362 Shrouded Hardened Steel Padlock will make it almost impossible for a crook to cut it too.

Mark your Expensive Valuables

mark your valuables

If you set up all the above precautionary measures, the probability of a criminal taking your things remains very thin. However, errors often happen, but you can improve the odds of finding valuables by security marking them. You can use a UV pen or other advanced security marking systems.

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