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4 Lock Maintenance Tips to Avoid Being Locked out of House

avoid being locked out of the house tips

Consider regular door lock maintenance to increase your home’s security and prevent being locked out of the house. Your first defensive measure when securing your home is well-maintained door locks. 

Door locks will eventually experience problems locking and unlocking the door, just like the other devices in your home. For instance, they might deteriorate over time, the locking system might break, or an attempted break-in can weaken the locks or door equipment.

Regrettably, the majority of individuals ignore door lock issues. But you cannot afford to neglect a malfunctioning door lock if you know its critical function in protecting your house. Moreover, problems with the door locks could soon become more severe if left unattended.

Even seemingly unimportant door lock issues can be highly annoying and risk the security of your home. Locksmith Miami, Florida, company recommends maintenance and a call lockout service to avoid significant door lock issues. 


Here are four door lock maintenance tips you should implement.


Clean your Door Locks

In our locks mechanisms, particularly where the latch and deadbolt attach to the frame, dust, dirt, and grime accumulate. Tiny particles collect on the pins within the locking mechanism when you insert the key into the keyway. Moreover, dirt builds at the threshold, the hinges, and the door strike plate.


Clean the debris, but be careful using harsh cleaning detergents or repeated passes with an abrasive cloth, as it will wear down the lock’s metal parts.


Need more tips, read Door Locks Maintenance for Longevity and Good Service


 Door Lock Lubrication is Maintenance 

spray lubricant on door locks and equipment

Your lock’s internal mechanism should be as clean as the exterior. Annual lubrication of your lock’s internal mechanisms is necessary to keep your lock functioning correctly.

I recommend hiring a Downtown Brickell Locksmith for building maintenance but consider spraying lubricant into the keyway for one residence. After inserting and removing the key from the lock, clean the key of dirt.

The best lubricant to use on locks is a topic of much dispute. However, experts frequently suggest Teflon-based-dry lubricant and graphite. Petroleum lubricants may draw dirt and dust accumulation, which could eventually cause more issues.


Proper Care of House Keys

house keys and door lock maintenance tips

Consider maintaining the deadbolt door locks once a year, but also care after your keys. A broken key can break a lock and create major issues. The key and lock can sustain significant damage from our everyday habits, like pulling on the key to shut the door or forcing a key to spin when it’s stuck. The door lock can malfunction if you do these things with the keys. Use the key gently rather than force or apply pressure when encountering lock resistance.

It’s important to remember that keys are made to fit precisely with the interior parts of locking mechanisms. So, if the house key deforms over time due to abuse, your key might not work correctly with the lock.

We strongly advise you to check on the health of your keys and to get a new set made if your old one begins to show symptoms of wear. Also, consider storing an original key so locksmiths can make copies, ensuring the new keys always work.


Think About Your Door Habits to Avoid Being Locked out of House


By being careful with your door, you can postpone lock repairs. Slamming the door, forcing the key, or disregarding emerging problems can result in more expensive door lock replacements or repairs.

Locks are self-sufficient compared to other elements of our homes, but some care and careful watch on developing problems might be the secret to fewer door lock services.


Call an expert Locksmith for Door Lock Replacement or Repairs


If repairs need a professional hand, a local expert locksmith service can assist with updating your locks. They can provide maintenance tips to avoid being locked out of the house or replace your key and lock to save you from future problems.

Moreover, they can assist you in determining whether the issue is the lock, key, or doorframe.

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