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Attributes of High Security Locks

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When you look at the many locks that claim to be high-security door locks, it is essential to have the ability to know the difference in protection; as a result, Little Havana Locksmith will provide the proper insight.

Picking the best lock for a home lock is tedious and attempting to make sense of which has the qualities you need gets a little more complicated.

The truth is that you don’t need every feature, yet the more qualities they have, the better security they will offer.

Although there is a mid-level model and some high levels are worthless, some types of locks exceed expectations.

When you pick between some high-security entryway locks available, it pays to know which ones merit consideration.

But some are low-quality products; however, if you need to go beyond any doubt that you are getting the best security from your locks, there are a few things you have to know.

The vast majority of people couldn’t care less about security. However, some clients love high-quality products, and locksmith Little Havana carries the best models of high-security locks.

So let’s make sure that your high-security lock has these positive attributes:

Pick a High-Security Lock Cylinder that’s Difficulty to Learn


The intricacy of a door lock cylinder makes them difficult to break, and you are making it troublesome for criminals to try.

The more troublesome the interior of the lock, the less possibility a criminal will have the capacity to make a bump key prototype, create a key copy for the lock, or even attempt to pick it.

The more complicated the lock cylinder is, the fewer individuals will try to conquer your high-security locks.

The only people who don’t need to worry are keypad keyless locks since they don’t have a keyhole.

Amount of Metal the High Security Lock Uses

How strong a lock is, depends on the amount of metal it utilizes as a part of its make-up.

Since parts of the door need detachment for installing the lock to begin, its drills and cross-bored, leaving the entryway vulnerable around the lock.

You can add metal content to some products, yet you need high-security door locks that bring protection.

Holding the lock, you can tell the metal content it has to how robust it feels.

A secure lock does not utilize plastic or has hollow holes to diminish cost.

When a lock company makes a lock with most of the parts formed out of plastic, this costs you security.

High-security locks should have hardened metals, and they should utilize a ton of them.

Lock Strength

Besides the metal of the lock, you likewise require the deadbolt to withstand force or power.

High-security door locks will have heavy steel that withstands force, such as kicking, shoulder push, and even sledgehammers.

Also, they will have resistant to cutting assaults, so culprits won’t have the capacity to utilize a saw to chop the deadbolt to open the entryway.

Without quality or strength, these attacks would snap off the lock until it fails or gets cut to allow access.

High-security Door Locks Resist Drilling

Numerous criminals figure out how to bore locks open since it is quick and appears to work efficiently.

In any case, a criminal who tried to penetrate a high-security lock with anti-drill safety measures will waste their time.

The two principal drill issues that you need your high-security door locks to shield are the set screws and the shear line.

Both of these zones are secured with hardened steel ball bearings.

Don’t Buy Fake Tough Locks

Yes, criminals can bypass the best high-security door locks even with upgrades to the locks.

Plus, some deadbolts specs lie and wind up just giving the fantasy of security.

Picking or bumping a lock is a more complex strategy for passage than bypass the cylinder’s intricacy, and criminals are taking advantage of these flaws.

Make sure to check if the high-security lock has upgraded since older versions have these bypass problems, but most manufacturers have made updates.

In short, you might want to change them to the newer version.

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