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Are Transponder Car Keys Safe?

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Modern transponder car keys are more secure than the old ones that provide car owners almost no security not long ago.

Back then, you could quickly get a copy of your vehicle key by going to a locksmith near Miami-Dade and getting a new key cut. You could go to any locksmith shop to make a key copy, including home improvement stores that pop your key in a machine and make a copy. 

Regrettably, as simple as it was to get a copy key, it was likewise simple for thieves to get copy keys too. So anybody could get a duplicate of your key and steal your vehicle without you knowing. 

A few car thieves could do it without having a copy of your car key in hand. These criminals could copy the key based on the model and year of your vehicle. 

Nowadays, vehicles have more secure and advanced technology to protect cars from theft. For example, transponder keys are standard today, and only a highly trained locksmith with the right equipment can reproduce these keys. 


What is the function of a Transponder Key?

transponder car keys

A transponder key has a metal arm with the traditional grooves for turning the engine. However, it likewise has a thick head. This bulky head isn’t simply intended to be held comfortably in your fingers when turning over the motor. Instead, it genuinely has a small chip inside. 

The chip inside the transponder is programmed with a particular code. When you insert the key in the motor, the vehicle’s computer scans the key for that code. If the key has no code or doesn’t have a matching code, it will not start. The security system ensures that only approved individuals can start the vehicle.


Can Anyone Get A Copy Of a Transponder Key? 


The transponder key system makes them so secure. But, the excellent news, not everyone can reproduce a transponder key. You will need to contact an auto locksmith with the right computer equipment and the authorization to the codes for the key to program them.

Sometimes, the expert must change the code on the starter. So, it would help if you had an individual with the proper tools and skills to accomplish the task. 

Auto locksmiths need extensive training and become approved by automakers to replace transponder keys or reprogram them. Unfortunately, when you experience a car lockout or lose your keys, you cannot call anyone to replace your keys or get your vehicle opened. Instead, you’ll have to call a mobile car key replacement locksmith with the proper training to help you get back inside your car. 


Transponder Car Keys provide Peace of Mind


You can have peace knowing that your vehicle is secure from car thieves when using a transponder car key. Or another innovative key like a key fob system. These keys use innovations only car thieves with expensive modern hardware, and hacking abilities could reproduce. Remember, these criminals won’t mess with simply any vehicle. So unless you own a $100,000 car, you’re safe. 

However, the bad news, it’s more expensive to make and program a transponder key for you to use to get inside a vehicle when you get locked out or lose your keys. So keep a trusted auto locksmith on your cell phone. You can get help quickly when you experience a car lockout situation. 

Transponder Car Key Replacement Services


Top auto locksmith services can replace, program, or fix any key, including modern transponder car keys and key fobs. Furthermore, they have the right gear and skills to rapidly replace or repair these keys. 


Top auto locksmiths also offer vehicle door lock repair, repair ignitions, replace vehicle locks, and save you from a night car lockout. 


Locksmith Coral Way Miami can help you quickly if you are locked out of your vehicle or can’t start because of a car key issue. Call us today to find support from a mobile auto locksmith.

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