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Are Thieves Ready To Steal Your Car With Relay Attack Techniques?

are thieves ready to steal your car with relay attack techniques

Vehicles are getting smarter at a surprising pace, and most car locksmith in Miami experts agree that is something worth being thankful. The innovation that will stop car theft will become a reality soon. Truthfully, much this innovation as of now is accessible in some way or another. For instance, many entry-level and high–end vehicles currently accompany Bluetooth and keyless entry. However, is this smart innovation secure?

Most Miami Locksmiths experts think not yet, today the use of a new keyless car theft technique allows criminals to break into vehicles and quickly take them. During 2017, more than $6 billion was lost to car theft in the USA, including keyless crime.

So can keyless car theft be depicted as a plague? No, but it is stressing vehicle manufacturers who seem to have little control over the ascent in a technique known as “relay attack” crime. Almost all drivers that have a keyless system are in danger of having their vehicle taken utilizing the relay attack technique.

What is keyless car theft and how can you avoid losing your automobile?

what is a keyless car theft

A relay attack technique is worryingly particularly a car owner with a keyless system. So, when a vehicle gets targeted, two criminals cooperate utilizing electronic signal transfer devices to take the car, usually from outside the owner’s home.

One criminal stands by the vehicle, while the other one stands close to the house to allow the device to get the sign from the key fob.

The signal is transferred to the second box, which is put close by the vehicle or in the hands of the crook, successfully tricking the car into ‘thinking’ the key is nearby.

With the entryways unlocking, the offenders can start the vehicle at the press of a button, allowing them to drive away.

Considering thieves can take a vehicle in under 60 seconds, it is an unbelievably enticing for wannabe car thieve.

Van drivers aren’t safe either

Van makers have also embraced keyless entry innovation, so van drivers are likewise in danger of relay attack techniques. Not only typical van drivers are in danger, but people who use their van for work purposes such as locksmiths, delivery services, and, etc.

The relatively new trend in vehicle theft named ‘relay attack,’ enables offenders to harness increasingly complex theft techniques to conquer vehicle security technology. For example, bypass immobilizers and keyless entry systems, has had a noteworthy influence in national car theft stats.

The most effective method to avoid being a victim of a keyless car theft

the most effective method to avoid being a victim of a keyless car theft

Events of keyless car theft usually happen in residential areas, particularly around evening time, so drivers should be on the defensive when at home. However, don’t worry; there are steps you can take to secure your vehicle.

Even though the relay attack signal can go through entryways, walls, and, windows, relay attacks can’t go through metal. So, putting away your keys inside a metal box or container, a signal blocking wallet or even the microwave will help defend your vehicle against an attack.

You can buy a signal blocking bag on Amazon cheaply, however, test it to guarantee it is fruitful in blocking the sign.

Other things you can do to avoid a relay attack

While it’s a smart idea to store your keys away from the window or front entryway, think cautiously before taking the keys upstairs or hiding them in the bedroom.

A determine criminal could break into the house to find the keys. So it could be better to give them a chance to take the vehicle than to put you or your family in danger. Therefore, the other things you can do to avoid being a victim of relay attacks are:

  • Verify whether your vehicle’s key fob can be shut off when not in use.
  • Ensure the vehicle is locked. An opportunistic criminal may utilize a ‘jammer’ to intercept the sign between the key fob and the car, leaving the automobile defenseless against an attack.
  • Consider putting resources into a steering wheel lock. These give a visual type of security plus you add more minutes to the seconds it may take to take a vehicle using relay attack.
  • Include a tracking device. While it won’t stop car theft, it will increase the odds of the police finding it and returning it to the owner.

Are new vehicles more secure?

are new vehicles more secure

Car thieves are becoming smarter today and well-equipped with innovation capable of bypassing vehicle maker’s anti-theft systems.

Yes, this is lousy news for drivers, as it has the impact of causing insurance premiums to increase. The car insurance companies already have it bad with other factors such as the rise in insurance premium tax and the recent change to the discount rate for life-changing personal injury compensation claims.

Nevertheless, new autos have never been more secure today! Yes, according to the FBI vehicle thefts have come down in the 26 years since they max out at 1.7 million in 1991, falling about 55 percent to 773,139 in 2017 thanks for the most part to anti-theft technology.

Technology can do it on its own

Manufacturers invest billions in staying ahead of the culprits. The most recent car models highlight complex immobilizers, tracking devices, and, encrypted key codes to avoid cloning.

Nonetheless, innovation can’t do it on its own. So, the manufacturers are calling for more stringent safeguards to counteract the sale of cloning technology, signal blocking, and, different gadgets that have no legitimate reason but for theft.

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