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Are Residential Smart Locks Safer Than Key Locks?

residential smart locks

If you’re considering buying residential smart locks, think about how secure they are compared with traditional ones. It is a significant factor to consider when looking to buy front door deadbolt locks

Smart means the lock can interface with other innovations. Similarly, as your cell phone can connect to the internet, a smart lock can also connect to your home Wi-Fi. 

But, while the Wi-Fi network brings convenience and other pros, it also brings some cons. For example, the weaknesses of smart locks make people wonder if malicious people can hack them. 

No two traditional locks are the same, but two smart locks aren’t the same. So, allow our expert locksmith service near you to share some light on innovative lock safety.


First, how Secure are Traditional Locks? 

traditional door lock

In a quick Google search online, you can find the how-to information on lock-picking, and with a bit of training, you will pick a traditional lock. However, some quality deadbolt locks are more challenging to pick, and with the proper locksmith installation, you can make it even more difficult to bypass. 

Besides picking the locks, those attempting to break in also use brute force to bypass a lock. Yes, it’s possible to destroy the lock with a drill, but most use their shoulder or leg kick to break down the entryway. Installing a strike plate can make it harder for brute force to be an effective technique. 

Many deadbolt locks are better than others and are given an ANSI lock rating of Grade 1. The rating means they offer the most extreme security. Adding a strike plate or a longer deadbolt throw is often essential to secure them. 

You can find locks that resist lock bumping, picking, and other lock bypassing techniques. Unfortunately, while manufacturers make traditional locks highly secure, they won’t be as safe as smart ones. 


Do Smart Locks offer the Best Security?


When you look at a smart lock, you will see an automated version of a traditional lock, but not all are the same. The internal locking mechanism may be the same, yet you can lock it remotely and electronically. However, smart locks need interaction compared to standard locks. 

Smart locks offer convenient entry and remote access and locking, but if you forget to lock them, they are the same as traditional locks regarding security. Furthermore, since most smart locks have the same interior mechanism as conventional ones, they also offer quality security. 

When comparing residential smart locks with standard locks, the one con you will find is the features you can use to make them safer. Unfortunately, because of their design, you cannot use some smart locks with certain extra features. However, you can easier modify traditional locks when you need to upgrade the security. 


So, are Residential Smart Locks Safer Than Traditional Locks? 

different types of smart locks for doors

There are many things to consider when buying a smart lock regarding front door security, including usability, convenience, and security. 

You can find traditional locks from cheap, poorly built, and easy to bypass to challenging to pick ANSI grade 1 locks. In addition, unreliable companies incorrectly make some smart locks easy to tamper with. But many reliable lock companies built their devices complex, tamper-resistant, and sturdy. 

Plus, a secure smart lock will also have all the built-in safety measures of a traditional lock besides security measures to prevent hacking. 

The con of a quality traditional lock frequently originates from the key. For example, if somebody finds your hidden key or a copy key gets in possession of somebody you would prefer not to access your home, then the lock wouldn’t be the issue. 

No one will find your spare key with a well-built lock since you probably use a password, making burglar lock-picking techniques fall flat. Usually, an intruder can hack a smart lock with the help of a forgetful homeowner. However, electronic access through hacking becomes impossible when two-factor authentication and 128-bit encryption are enabled. 


Which Door Lock is Better for Security? 


While the smart and traditional locking mechanisms will be the same, the best option for security is up to what you like better. For example, many people are stressed over cyber-attacks on smart locks, which are possible. But, with the right smart lock and the right security features, you could buy a secured smart lock. 

Traditional locks with sturdy strike plates and different features like anti-pick and anti-bump are the best options for security. However, suppose you want a front door lock replacement offering straightforward entry and convenience. You can get it from a smart lock, too, with excellent security features and the right door lock installation.


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