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Do you Require Deadbolt Locks on Exterior Doors?

Exterior door locks

Our best locksmiths in Little Havana know from experience that intruders can have easy entry when they see cheap exterior deadbolt locks. So yeah, even a door with a quality lockset is a target when the latch doesn’t extend far enough into the doorframe. Also, the strike plate won’t withstand the force of a kick or a shoulder. 


A kick will tear the strike plate free and splinter the frame, allowing entry into a house. Besides buying a quality lockset, calling a locksmith in Brickell Avenue to install a deadbolt lock can add another layer of security to assist with negating an unlawful entry. 


Purchase Quality Exterior Deadbolt Locks

Schlage high security locks for sale

Stay away from cheap exterior door locks when purchasing a deadbolt lock. There probably won’t seem a difference between a cheap deadbolt and a little more expensive model, but there is, and sometimes by a lot. Instead, consider buying a name-brand pick-resistant lock, like Baldwin, Kwikset, or Schlage. 

Spending a bit more cash can get you a multiple times stronger deadbolt than the economy model. But first, search for a hardened steel bolt that extends out about an inch into the doorframe. 

A single cylinder deadbolt lock with a thumb latch makes obvious targets on doors that have glass panes. A burglar will easily break the glass and open the entryway. However, a double-cylinder deadbolt lock that needs a key on the inside can negate forced entry. 

But you will need to keep a key nearby since you will need to open the door in a crisis. That is a genuine worry if a fire occurs or if you have young children. Remember, some building codes require at least one entry to have a thumb-turn latch inside, so consider a door with no glass. 


Reinforce the Strike Plate 


Yes, even a quality deadbolt needs some support. A few manufacturers reinforce the bolt with a steel pocket that you mount in the jamb behind the strike plate. 


Another effective method to reinforce the door jamb is to use 3-inch long screws when installing the deadbolt strike plate. These long screws can penetrate the stud an inch, and consider buying an exit-only door lock that doesn’t feature exterior screws. Fill the void with solid material while the door casing is off before screwing on the strike plate. 


You will have a robust, secure entryway that will frustrate intruders if you add some extra measurements. 


Consider an Auxiliary Lock to Improve Door Security

buy security chain lock

Auxiliary or secondary locks can add a low-cost security layer that slows down attackers. Consequently, door locks are usually sold with both door knob locks and deadbolts. 

Interior alternatives like security chain locks, slide latches, and bolts are likewise extraordinary security measures when you have one deadbolt. These options work best for vulnerable doors like sliding entryways, basement doors, and other entrances that can’t house a heavy-duty deadbolt.


Change to Smart Deadbolt Locks if you Misplace Keys 

smart lock installation

Sometimes the deadbolt on your front door does its job. It locks, opens, and keeps out any undesirable visitors. However, the issue isn’t the door lock, and the fault relies on you. If you lose or misplace keys, then a traditional door lock won’t help or secure your home since a burglar can find your key and enter when you are not home. 

A smart lock installation will not make your home any more secure, but these locks can help when you habitually misplace keys. You can lock and open your door lock from anywhere. You can also provide digital “keys” to people who routinely visit your home. 

Of course, you can still use a key to open some smart lock-equipped doors, yet don’t dismiss the convenience of connectivity. Particularly convenience instances appear when your hands are full of groceries or handling a toddler while trying to find a key. Furthermore, when you go into bed and remember you forgot to lock the entryway, you will not have to get up and stumble to the front entry. Instead, you can get your cellphone and check the lock status. 

However, not all smart locks work the same. For example, keyless, Bluetooth locks use biometrics like fingerprints, locks that fit your current deadbolt, and complete deadbolt replacement locks.

If you need a door lock installation service, consider Miami Dade Locksmiths, Caraballo Liberty Locksmith.

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  1. Thank you so much for talking about all of the different additions you can get for your doors when installing deadbolts. Anything I can do to improve the security around here is something that I can see being extremely worth it in the end, as I want to keep my family safe without spending too much. I’ll take your advice and look for a locksmith in the area as soon as possible so this can be handled well and everything you noted can be installed.

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