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How to Improve the Apartment Door Lock Security?

apartment door lock security tips

Regardless of moving into a place or not feeling safe where you live presently, everyone needs to improve their apartment door lock security. Homeowners can use the best door locks installed by locksmith pros as a barrier between the exterior and interior of the home.

Perhaps you don’t think apartment door security needs improvement since you trust individuals who own your building. Or you live in a protected area, and it’s doubtful somebody will attack your security. That is incredible! Those are two things each renter wishes they had, but not everyone has those benefits in their apartments.

Although you are not an owner with full autonomy over the security of your condo, there are four things you can do to improve apartment door security further:


Buying The Right Apartment Door Lock

Exterior door locks

Yes, installing a quality door lock is the best way to increase security and a proven one. Everybody has different apartment doors, but your landlord probably didn’t spend as much as possible on your apartment door lock. However, you have the right to security so pick a deadbolt lock for your apartment.

The process for better security starts with buying the deadbolt lock, and from what we know and recommend forever, the deadbolt is the correct decision in almost all situations. However, no lock is invisible, and no 100 certainties to prevent burglary. Either way, the proper deadbolt puts your apartment door lock security in the best situation to succeed. 

No other locks provide the same security as a door deadbolt lock, so when your apartment door has a handle lock, consider upgrading to a deadbolt, either electronic, traditional, or smart lock!

But first, ask the landlord if you can though knowing you will enhance the apartment security, they will allow the upgrade.

Strengthen Apartment Doors

apartment building door lock

A quality apartment door lock won’t work correctly without a solid door. One is useless without the other. Like a deadbolt lock on a weak interior door

The apartment door strengthening process can be basic or technical. For instance, maybe all you need is to replace the old wood door frame with a metal one. A replacement door frame can improve apartment door lock security fast.

Reinforcing Apartment Door Equipment

 First, consider doing routine checks on the door, hinges, and locks. Nevertheless, there are a few technical ways to enhance apartment door security if you already have a solid doorframe. The following are three techniques that can help reinforce your apartment door security:


  • Change Screws: Apartment door hinges are usually attached to the frame with half-inch screws. Changing those small screws with three-inch screws will increase your door’s security by making it more difficult for an intruder to break down the entryway.


  • Strengthen Door Jambs: Another way to increase security is to upgrade the hinges and strike plates. A cheap strike plate makes replacing the screws useless. With many strong kicks to your apartment door, someone could break through. Upgrading the plates and hinges will save you time, so you can call the police or make neighbors wake up. 


  • Add Security Screen: Some apartments will have a screen, yet a metal security screen before the main door can likewise boost security. If you and the landlord don’t mind metal bars on the door, this strategy can help improve door security.

Although some situations are out of your control since you don’t own the apartment building, you can always upgrade the door. If you cannot do it by yourself, consider hiring a locksmith. 

Properly Maintain your Apartment Door Locks


A few apartment doors haven’t been upgraded by the landlord in quite a while, presenting security issues for your apartment door. Does the equipment look modern? Do you fear lock-picking and lock bumping techniques criminals use to enter silently? If it’s true, consider replacing your lock.

However, metal locks weaken over time, and that debilitates their effectiveness. All metal parts in locks need maintenance to work right, and if not, you will need to replace them. That is why a positive relationship with your landlord becomes helpful. Most lease agreements give free maintenance and fixes to damaged materials.

Ask if you can add the apartment door and lock to the agreement. Yet, if not agreed, consider contacting a local locksmith. Weakened locks give no protection to your apartment and should be maintained correctly. Consider a door lock maintenance every six months which service includes a complete check-up of the lock and hardware.

Hire a Local Locksmith


Contact an expert locksmith if you want to strengthen your apartment door security easier. If you don’t know how to replace a door frame, strike plates, and deadbolts, please consider hiring an expert residential locksmith.

A locksmith will help you decide the right door lock to use on your apartment door. 

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