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Advantages Of Using a Mortise Lock Installation

advantages of using a mortise lock

We can use a mortise lock installation as a locking system to install inside the door itself. The minimum width of a door needs to be at least 1.75 inches to hold a mortise door lock replacement. You can set a mortise lock inside the door’s mortise cutout a lock trims such as door handles, lever, or pulls.

We can do many things to improve door security, and upgrading the locks to a mortise lock is one of the top priorities. Door security is significant since most burglars attack doors first through forced entry techniques like kicking or lock-picking. Although glass windows are easier targets to attack, a burglar will always attempt the entryways first.

Today, we look at the advantages of using a mortise lock for door security. Remember, any door is only as good as its lock. One that is vulnerable to forced entry techniques makes your house an easy target.

It’s difficult for intruders to open a mortise lock

Since you’ll fit mortise locks inside the door itself, intruders will have difficulty trying to bypass it. You cut the mortise lock into the door’s edge, and the intruder will see only the faceplate when the door is half-closed.

Also, this door lock comes with different notches and levers that make it difficult for an expert burglar to pick it. Pick a mortise lock with at least five or six-lock lever or a cylinder lock that is nearly impossible to bypass the lock or open without the key.

Available in many sizes

available in many sizes
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The availability of mortise locks implies that you have many locks to use for various requirements. When you replace an old mortise lock, it is significant to get the same measurements to avoid making new holes for the lock body.

Dual Locking System

A dual locking system means you can lock mortise locks on both the inside and outside. This makes it great if locking doors from the outside it’s a need you will require for your entryways.

Good looking lock

Contrasted with different doorknobs, mortise locks are better looking since of their antique appeal. Installing a mortise lock is difficult for everyone except an expert locksmith. However, even with this disadvantage, many people still choose mortise locks as their front door locks.

Because it is robust and difficult to install and bypass, meaning it will keep burglars out.

Sliding Bolt Lock Mechanism

A mortise lock works with the key inserted inside the cylinder. When you use the proper key, the pins inside the lock system will line up, releasing the bolt.

Passage Function

passage function
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Manufactures also made mortise locks to work with a passage function, meaning they don’t require a key and can’t be locked. Plus, you can open and close it without issues with locking. This kind of lock is a great idea for homeowners who have small children.

Mortise locks help prevent a lockout when children need to open their room door or even restrooms giving simple access to the kids inside these rooms.

When to use a mortise lock installation?

Consider using a mortise lock installation on any door that isn’t kick-proof or pick-proof. If you don’t know these meanings, request that a residential or commercial locksmith assess your door security.

Remember, doorframes are significant since it’s awful to have a quality, sturdy entryway with a robust lock on a weak frame. The lock and door can withstand a kicking attack, but the weak doorframe will collapse, causing you to waste all your effort.

Surely, many people live in areas with high crime rates and others that live in low-crime neighborhoods. However, it’s significant never to become complacent with home security.

Choose our locksmith expert for mortise lock installation

The normal homeowner with a basic knowledge of wood carpentry can attempt the installation of a mortise lock. Yes, many mortise lock installations use a mortising jig which makes precise cutting of the pocket a straightforward gig.

However, the following setup of the external trim can prove difficult if the installer is inexperienced. Remember, not everyone knows wood carpentry or wants to lose their door or lose money due to a mistake in cutting.

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