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Advantages of High-Security Door Locks

advantages of high security door locks

Emergency locksmith Miami experts know that high-security door locks can work amazingly for your business door security but also can minimize costs. We believe security needs to be a priority for managers and owners to prosper. You must protect your business from burglary, theft, and vandalism as a business owner! One of these incidents may leave you bankrupt!

However, you can leave it all to the lock; consider upgrading the door frame, hinges, and surrounding entry points like the windows. So, to protect your property, allow a residential locksmith in Miami-Dade to install high-security locks on your exterior doors. These locks provide more security and protection than regular locks.

What makes High-security Door Locks Different?

what makes high-security door locks different

Manufacturers made high-security door locks as a solution to regular locks’ weaknesses. As a result, they provide better security to protect significant valuables and information from burglars and thieves. High-security door locks use the specific features below to protect against break-ins and theft.

Metal Composition-Manufacturers make excellent high-security locks using robust heavy metals. High-security locks shouldn’t use plastic parts in the assembly line. Remember, a high-security lock has more metal, and you’ll know by its weight; metal weighs more than plastic, so the heavier, the better.

Bolt Strength-A high-security lock must withstand a ton of force that burglars use to break in. So, high-security locks should use hardened steel bolts to withstand the force of a burglar shoulder ramming, kicking, or using a heavy hammer for an attempted break-in. Without a powerful steel bolt, these strikes would twist or snap the bolt, leaving your property defenseless against intrusion.

Lock Cylinder Complexity-The more challenging the lock cylinder is to bypass, the more difficult it is for a criminal to pick the lock. Therefore, the inner mechanics of a lock cylinder must be challenging to hinder a criminal from lock bumping, lock-picking, or making an impression of the lock.

Drill Protection-High security locks can resist attacks from drilling, making them difficult to remove and drill. A few locks use a hardened metal case, unique metal pins, or disks put in the path where the drill must penetrate. They also bring metal shields that secure against the lock itself.

The Top Advantage of Using High-security Door Locks to Protect your Business

High-security locks offer many advantages that regular locks don’t or can’t. These advantages improve security for businesses.

Restricted Keyway- Many business owners have to deal with keys disappearing or replicated without their approval. The added highlight of a restricted keyway system stops unapproved duplication with high-security locks.

A restricted keyway prevents keys from being replicated by previous workers. Manufacturers patented many restricted keyway systems. It means only an approved locksmith can copy keys with the owner’s consent. It helps with key control inside a property.

The key blanks are not accessible on the open market. So, this system minimizes the need to replace locks since just a single approved locksmith can duplicate a key. In addition, a business owner can improve access control by knowing which keys belong to specific doors and the individuals using them.

Other advantages of High-security Locks

Challenging to pick- The locking mechanism corresponds with a particular pin. A locksmith with special tools can get high-security locks open so that companies can prevent burglary-related monetary losses. High-security locks have drill-resistant housing that keeps locks from being removed from entryways. You won’t need to waste your cash replacing damaged locks from intruders attempting to remove them by drilling or kicking down the doors.

Customization-The user can customize the high-security lock to fit the business requirements. For example, if you have unique areas to secure, they can customize each lock for that area.

Reset Locks- You don’t have to replace locks because an employee lost or stole the key. However, high-security locks permit the resetting of keys, including master keys and grand master keys.

Track remotely-Today, you can control electronic high-security locks remotely. It permits the user to set the alarm, lock, and open the entryways using smartphones or computers. Then, if an intruder attempts to tamper it, the user will get a security alert.

Quality Door Lock Systems Reduce Costs

high security door locks system reduce costs

The significant advantage of using a respected brand’s high-security locks is they are almost impossible to pick. So, businesses can minimize costs related to burglaries, which can bankrupt many small businesses.

What if determined intruder drills instead of lock pick the lock? Well, most high-security locks bring drill-resistant housing, which keeps the locks from being removed from the doors. Besides this feature reducing burglary, it likewise means you won’t deal with the cost of replacing damaged locks with fresh ones to re-secure the property after a break-in attempt.

For some companies, the most significant security expense relates to door locks needing replacement when keys disappear or are replicated without approval. Notwithstanding, high-security key blanks are not accessible on the open market, and only an approved locksmith can copy these keys with your consent.

Locks Give Homeowners Peace of Mind

peace of mind

The best feeling when you come to work at the beginning of a Monday is finding everything in its place. You’ll have better nights knowing that you made the right choice in protecting your business from burglary and theft.

Allow Caraballo Liberty Locksmith to serve your property needs with our lock repair, replacement, and upgrade expertise.

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