A Few Ways To Protect Your Beautiful French Doors

a few ways to protect your beautiful french doors

Locksmiths in Miami experts have realized of all the glass designs; the French doors have demonstrated the most enduring one. So, French doors comprise of a pair of outward-opening entryways; both contain glass panels. The French entryway has stayed a popular option for outside door opening that goes out onto patios, gardens and, balconies. 

It is a beautiful design as it offers an extra window, enabling the occupants of a home to see out into their patios. Also, on account of present-day double-glazing innovation, space doesn’t compromise the home’s utility bill.

However, French doors, even with all their qualities, are seen by numerous individuals as a security risk. Don’t get anxious over how to secure your French doors against interlopers! Just make sure to read below our Miami locksmith master tips to securing French doors!

For what reasons is it challenging to secure French doors?

set up a half deadbolt on french doors

French entryways are challenging to secure for many reasons, including the accompanying weak areas below:

When French entryways open outward, the hinges stay exposed on the outside. It implies anyone can expel the pins and take the entryways off the hinges.

Traditional wood French doors have numerous small panes of glass. The panes are held up by short, decorative pieces of molding called muntin. This design makes the French door look appealing; however, it makes the structure weak. Usually, in modern metal entryways, the muntin is only decorative metal grids placed over single significant panes of glass.

Since French doors have significant glass areas, they leave no place to put locks far from malicious hands. Regardless of where the lock gets installed, a criminal can break or cut the glass and reach inside to open the entryway.

Double French doors are vulnerable where the two entryways meet up in the middle. If the entryways open into the room, this weak area makes them simple to kick in. Therefore, allow us to show you how to improve the security of your French door:

Install impact-resistant glass

If you are purchasing new entryways with glass panels, I suggest to get them with impact glass. People use these types of glass against storms prone territories since it can withstand a significant amount of power without breaking. So, that extraordinary quality also helps against burglars.

Utilize a three-point locking system

utilize a three point locking system

The three-point locking system is significant for French doors. Usually, because the bolt of the lock doesn’t extend out into the doorframe, instead it reaches out into another entryway, and that entryway isn’t as sturdy as the doorframe. 

However, three-point locking systems incorporate metal rods that stretch out from the door up into the top of the entryway door jamb and down to the floor. Combined with the deadbolt, these rods make the entryways a lot more secure than the deadbolt alone.

Mortice Deadlock

A mortice deadbolt is set up inside the entryway itself, inside an uncommonly made hole known as a mortice. You open these locks with the assistance of specialized round key. They hold two distinct advantages over their external counterparts. First, they shielded themselves from damage by the surrounded entryway. Second, they’re difficult to spot, thus permitting you an extra layer of security without compromising on the lock of the entryway.

Set up a Half Deadbolt on French door

set up a half deadbolt on french doors

Another significant improvement in French door security originates from removing the flush bolt. A preferred home lock is the “half” deadbolt. These type of deadbolts have a thumb turn on the interior of the home. However, with no sign of a keyhole on the outside of the house. Therefore, burglars can’t tell from the outside of the home that you installed a deadbolt.

You can mount these at the top and bottom of both double doors. Typically, when combined with window security film and an interlocking lock deadbolt, your French doors become impenetrable. The criminal will likewise need to unscrew screws to approach through the passive door; but for you to enter you merely open the deadbolt using the thumb turn.

To mount a half deadbolt, you will need to drill holes into both your entryways for the deadbolts and the doorframe to prepare for the latch. We recommend calling a locksmith in your neighborhood before attempting a DIY gig since it takes some skill to install a half deadbolt.

Mount security hinges

It is significant for entryways that open outwardly and with the hinges accessible to install security hinges. Without securing the hinges, it won’t make any difference how sturdy your entryways and locks are. A practical option to secure French doors is to set screw hinges, stud hinges, and, hinges with none removable pins.

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