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7 Ways to Burglar Proof Doors in Your Home

tips to burglar proof doors

When homeowners burglar proof doors, they reduce the risk of being attacked by burglars and lower an attack’s success rate. Yes, our Miami mobile locksmiths know enhancing exterior doors are essential for your family’s security. Surprisingly, most people don’t know that over 30% of all burglars enter a home through the front door. To prevent being a victim, think about finding ways to secure your home, particularly your exterior doors, from burglar attacks.


You can have a security service to monitor your home, yet these services can cost a lot of money. Fortunately, you don’t need more security if your home has high security door locks on the exterior entryways. It will lower your odds of succumbing to a break-in.


Here are some hints to ensure your exterior doors:


Keep doors and windows locked


Yes, it sounds simple to burglar proof doors, but most homeowners forget the basics of locking doors and windows.

Great habits of locking doors and windows can go far. Insights on home break-ins show that many burglars are merely searching for easy targets. Most burglaries occur during the daytime, and the crime takes place within 8-10 minutes.

Most intruders enter the front entryway; another percentage enter through a first-floor window. The takeaways here are burglars look for simple ways to access the property without too many deterrents. Therefore, lock your doors and windows when you’re not home and when you’re at home.


Upgrade your locks for 100% Burglar Proof Doors

upgrade door lock and key

If it’s been a long time since you’ve upgrades your locks, start the change today. Do any of the locks have damaged? Did you lost keys, or did any contractors or home workers kept house keys? Do you have outside locks that are simple to pick, jimmy, or bump open?

Suppose you have many of the issues mentioned above. In that case, it can be an ideal time to re-key your locks or upgrade to better ones with high-security features. To begin your upgrade, ensure you install ANSI Grade 1 or Grade 2 deadbolts.


Ensure Your Locks with Hardware


When thieves can’t pick your lock, they can still pry, wrench, or jimmy their way inside. An ideal approach to ensure against these attacks is by protecting and reinforcing your lock cylinders with a heavy-duty strike plate.


Using a heavy-duty strike plate will keep burglars from bypassing the locks.


Secure the patio door with key locks


Many people have regular sliding door locks known as latches. However, criminals love the wonderful weak latches. It won’t make any difference how secure your front door is if there’s a better alternative for intruders.


Your smartest choice to protect your patio door is a keyed lock with top and bottom closures. Installing keyed locks are a quick solution for sliding patio doors.


Get Stronger Doors

strong wood door

Your locks won’t do their job if your doors are weak too. No one should install doors with hollow cores because an intruder can break them far more quickly. A strong wood or metal door can enhance your door security. Steel doors are an excellent choice for individuals who need security right of way but want affordability.


Ensure the Door Hinges Aren’t Exposed

When the door hinges face outward, your door is defenseless against break-ins. Thus, an intruder can easily and quickly take a door with uncovered hinges directly off the frame with a crowbar.

You can either reinstall the door so the hinges face internally or strengthen those hinges with pins that intruders can’t remove.

Ensure you or the expert have 3-inch nails securing your hinges!


Hide your valuables from sight


Try to hide your expensive items. Outside, keep your tools like bicycles, tools, and other simple to-snatch things locked up or protected in the garage when you’re not using them. Inside the home or apartment, use window treatments like drapes or blinds to prevent strangers from casing your house.

Thus, store away expensive items when you’re not using them. Try not to leave equipment, jewelry, money, or important papers or documents on display. Keep your most significant valuables and documents locked in an anchored or hidden safe besides using a sturdy padlock to secure your devices.

Caraballo Liberty Locksmith can Burglar Proof Doors

Caraballo Liberty Locksmith

Burglar proof doors can keep your home protected from burglars as it’s a significant concern for all homeowners, and a little effort can have a massive effect. Buying and installing quality door equipment is a quick, economical approach to securing the things you care about most.

If you need any car, home, commercial services, contact Brickell Locksmith’s finest Caraballo Liberty Locksmith.

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