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Pros offer 7 Types of Locksmith Services

Baldwin Door Lock Locksmith Installation Services

Many people consider a locksmith somebody whose occupation revolves only around copying keys and other types of locksmith services. But, there is more than meets the eye. While a few offer all these locksmith services, well-established companies like Caraballo Liberty Locksmith Inc. offer considerably more.

Maybe they can help you install an alarm system or need to purchase a safe; a reliable locksmith near me will take care of you. The top locksmith can give you access to your vehicle, business, or home and keep burglars out. 


Check out these various services a reputable locksmith offers:


 Residential Locksmith Services

types of residential door locks

This service is fundamental for locksmith companies. Your residential locksmith contact must have service options such as making new and copying keys while offering rekeying and home lockout services.

Furthermore, they can do it rapidly at a cheap cost. According to Bob Vila’s website, the average cost to hire a locksmith is $97 to $215, depending on the service and hardware.


Commercial Types of Locksmith Services

caraballo locksmith store

Who will you call if your business needs security installations, storefront door locks, and routine maintenance? A commercial locksmith can do both admirably.

These locksmiths work with and around the security problems companies face and get the modern security standards needed to give the best recommendations to their clients.

While maintaining a business is complex, you will also face issues with lock maintenance, lost keys, safes, file cabinets, etc.

Likewise, you will have a significant amount of property and assets to protect, so consider having a good relationship with a commercial locksmith, somebody with who you can depend on your needs.

Safe Sales and Openings Locksmith Services


A locksmith works in security, safe sales, and opening services. For example, maybe you need a fire-resistant safe for sensitive documents or to buy a burglar safe for storing cash and other valuables.

Well, a reputable locksmith can help. They can ensure that your valuables are protected and available just to you.

According to Bob Vila,  a safe opening locksmith will charge $150 to open a safe. However, if a locksmith needs to drill a safe, pay ranges from $200 and $400.


24-Hour Emergency Lockout Services


A home, commercial, or car lockout at night will inevitably happen to you sooner or later, and it happens at the worst time. So whenever you’re locked out of your vehicle late at night, you want 24-hour assistance.

A reputable locksmith will like to provide you with quick response times on their mobile locksmith services at an affordable cost to their clients.


Access Control Systems


All businesses should consider access control systems. The system will permit you to track all the individuals who enter your building.

You can pick many features while choosing the right access control system that fits your needs. A respectable locksmith can likewise fix access control system issues, ensuring your business stays safe.


Key Cutting and Car Lockout Service

Car Locksmith Services

Key cutting is significant if you lose your key or damage it. You could get a spare key for all your exterior door locks as a backup when you lose the original key.

When you lease a new home or move to another home, you may need to cut a copy key and keep a duplicate. So, there are types of locksmith services for everyone.


Car Lockout Locksmith Services


Fortunately, with these essential car locksmith services, you can get your key and, in no time, be back on the road.

Other vehicle lockout locksmith services include boot opening service, replacement of transponder keys, and broken key extraction and repair. 


Lock Replacement or  Rekeying

rekeying services

Sometimes, a business or residence needs its locks replaced or rekeyed. A locksmith offers services for both and could even recommend the lock to buy and install.

Replacing locks means changing the current lock to a new one. Then again, when you rekey the locks, you keep the same lock, but the experts replace the internal mechanism with a new one, allowing it to work with a new key.

Rekeying locks requires a lot of comprehension of different locking mechanisms and using the right locksmith tools to take care of business. Although DIY rekeying kits exist, it is best not to take chances and have it accomplished by a reputable locksmith.

According to Forbes, expect to pay $150 to rekey your doors and between $100 and $250 to replace a lock.

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  1. I find it amazing how locksmiths can open safes and locks by using a special code after verifying the ownership of the safe. My friend is interested in keeping his home secure from break-in intruders. I think he should consider finding a locksmith that could install these safes in the future.

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