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5 Signs your Car Needs an Ignition Switch Repair

ignition switch repair by car locksmith

If your car struggles to start or none of your accessories power up, your auto may need an ignition switch repair.


When people rush to work, they tend to ignore their car’s issues. Instead, they panic and call the dealership or a local mechanic to fix the problem when the automobile breaks down. Unfortunately, the mechanic takes advantage of these people’s haste to escape this uncomfortable predicament by getting them to spend lots of money.


Frequently, the ignition of the vehicle is the problem. Instead of going to the dealership or technician, you could get a more effective solution from an emergency car locksmith near you.


What is a Car Ignition Switch?

car starter issues

Your car’s ignition switch has two main functions:


It manages the power supply to the electrical equipment in your car. It also connects the battery and starter, enabling the battery to provide a powerful electrical surge to the starter motor. The starter motor then starts the engine.


A common misconception among car owners is that the ignition switch is where the key goes to start the vehicle. But that’s the cylinder for the ignition lock.


The ignition switch is a significantly more complicated electrical component behind the ignition lock cylinder. In addition to turning on the electrical system, some cars have a switch that reads the anti-theft code from the key.


In vehicles with push-button ignition, the anti-theft code sent by the key fob is recognized by the ignition switch.


As a result, the ignition switch is a crucial part of your car, and problems with it might prevent it from working correctly.


Let’s examine how to identify an ignition switch issue.


5 Signs That Your Ignition Switch Is Faulty and needs a Repair


The following signs suggest that it’s time to replace or repair the ignition switch:


There are many signs that your ignition switch is malfunctioning. You should have it checked out by a professional car locksmith service if you suspect that your ignition switch is malfunctioning.


The Vehicle Won’t Start


If you turn the key and the automobile tries to start but fails, the ignition switch may be faulty. If your car won’t start, a mobile car locksmith is a superb choice because they will bring the experts to you.


The Key is Not Turning


When you insert your key into the keyhole but become stuck and won’t turn to the “start” position, there may be a problem with the car’s ignition switch. If your key doesn’t turn, your automobile won’t start. Call an auto locksmith that provides ignition repair as soon as possible because this is a significant hassle.


Auto Stalls


Your automobile could stall shortly after you start or drive it off. For example, your car will start and stall if your key is in the on position and fails. If you look at it, this might point to a problem with your ignition switch.


The Starter is Silent


If you turn the key and nothing happens, you ought to hear your automobile start when you flip the key. There can be a blocked electrical path to blame if there is no sound. Have your car inspected by a specialist because a dead battery could cause this.


Flickering Dashboard Lights


The dashboard will become dark if you turn your key to the second position and the ignition switch is broken. While driving, you will notice that the dash lights are flickering.


You should fix your ignition switch as soon as you see flickering dashboard lights.

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