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5 Residential Locksmith Tips for Landlords

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A residential locksmith recommends landlords maintain and ensure that their property is safe for their renters to enjoy. It means that they need to inspect door locks, safety checks, and general maintenance. 

Additionally, lockouts and different issues can plague landlords and managers. Today, protecting the tenants from break-ins is a major concern since they would leave for a safer place if the property is unsafe. 

Use the following mobile locksmith tips for landlords that you can use to ensure that none of these difficulties above ever occur. 


  1. Make sure the Locks Work Correctly

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The first thing to secure your investment property is to ensure that you have the right door locks. With many types and models available, it’s difficult for people to determine which locks are the best.  Residential Locksmiths recommend installing a replacement deadbolt lock to prevent burglar-forced entry techniques. 


Always remember that no lock can 100% stop lock-picking techniques. However, higher security lock models can offer more endurance, increasing intruders’ time trying to break in. Burglars want to enter quickly since the more they wait, the more chances they get caught.


  1. Lock your windows


Ground floor and easy-to-reach windows can be vulnerable to burglars, so landlords should try increasing their security. Ensuring that you give a similar level of attention to your windows as you do to your doors will prevent burglary. In addition, there are many window locks and models that will improve security

Usually, window weak points are the window glass and their latches. Removing the latches and installing window locks will prevent a broken window, and use a hand to twist the latch to enter a property easily. If an intruder sees a lock instead of a latch, they’ll probably retreat, as the target doesn’t look easy anymore.


  1. Remember to secure the carports and sheds


Adding more room to a property is always good; maybe you want more space for your tenants or private space for storing items. However, ensure that a similar consideration is given to carports and sheds areas as intruders can regularly target them. 

Sheds and carports are where break-ins occur since people usually leave costly tools in them unsecured. Whether you have valuables put away in these areas or not, consider adding more security to make them less vulnerable to attacks. 


  1. When to Hire a Residential Locksmith Change the Locks 

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When you rent your property to a new tenant, it is recommended that you change the locks. No matter how trusted was the past occupant, you won’t ever know whether any keys were made and lost or who may have a spare key. To provide new tenants peace, consider changing the outside door locks to secure the property. 

If you change any locks anytime during a tenancy, you should give your tenants sufficient notice of the lock changes. Ensure that you provide them a copy key before the locks changing the locks or when it is helpful for them. 

If you want to save cash and keep your sturdy lock, consider rekeying the locks. The lock interior will change and use a new key, meaning the old keys won’t work anymore. Of course, security won’t increase since the lock stays the same. However, it is affordable, particularly for landlords that own many properties.



  1. Know your property 


Another way to secure your property is knowing door and window security and technology. Understanding the old and new locking systems for your property access points can help prevent an incident. 


Instead, bring a Locksmith to help you if you are still undecided on the lock to install, they will provide insights and sell you the best high-security deadbolt lock if you want a better lock. In addition, knowing your property better will permit you to know the proper maintenance needed to care for it. 


Have a local Residential Locksmith Contact Number Nearby

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You cannot help your tenants 24 hours a day. So, have a residential locksmith number nearby, so your tenant gets security help. If an entryway, lock, or window should break and a tenant can’t reach out to the manager, having an emergency locksmith number to call will permit them true serenity.

Plus, it makes the process simpler for the landlord. Hiring a Locksmith Company ensures that any emergency work carried out is perfect for short-term and long-term use.


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