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5 Home Locksmith Prevention Tips to Protect your House from Intruders

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Homeowners can implement home locksmith prevention tips as their perfect for people who live in high-risk crime communities and an upscale residential area. Most people think of a burglar as an intruder dressed in black that uses a crowbar to pry a house door or break the glass to enter. However, the locksmith near me knows many intruders don’t waste much energy in trying to enter a home. Regrettably, many homeowners don’t lock their windows and doors – and the results can mean total devastation.

Burglars use many tricks and Yes, some have abilities to bypass a home even with an installed alarm system. It may sound challenging to stop a burglary but Caraballo Liberty Locksmiths don’t think it is. If you take the time to understand how criminals attack homes it will allow you to fight off intruders. Let’s look at our five home locksmith prevention tips below:


Install high-security locks

Schlage high security locks for sale

One of the best ways to protect your home from intruders is by installing high-security door locks on your exterior doors. Installing a sturdy lock can help prevent a break-in by stopping burglars’ top focal point to enter a property. Mounting a double cylinder deadbolt lock from makers such as Schlage and Mul-T-Lock can work well for homeowners who don’t know what lock to buy.

These types of locks can withstand tricks that burglars use to break-in like lock-picking, lock bumping, drilling, and forced entry techniques like kicking a door down. If you have a current sturdy lock, consider rekeying to boost your door lock security and negate any lost key situation.


Always Lock Windows and Doors!

A top home locksmith prevention tip is to lock all the windows and doors inside your home, even the ones that you think look difficult to bypass. Ensure that you don’t make a window entry easy. Most people use windows to see the incredible outside scenery, but a stranger may look in and see your valuables. The stranger could turn into a thief and steal your items if you left your window or front door unlocked.

It’s kind of simple to act like a lost person or salesman and knock and jiggle the doorknob when no one answers. If you left the door unlocked, you made it simple for the burglar to steal your items, so always lock your doors and windows even when you will do a quick errand. It just takes a minute to enter a home and five minutes to take your valuables.

Keep social media private

People like posting all their life matters to social media, but that’s not right. If you have high valuables, remember to keep your pictures and settings private on social media. Particularly when you have a large smart TV, a new surround system, and many gadgets, druggies can smell a sell for a nice profit. Also, consider talking with your children or family members who reside at your home about home security.

Don’t take pictures of doors, windows, and valuables like your new I phone or laptop and uploaded to Facebook o Pinterest. We like to think that only our friends and family look at our pictures. Still, strangers can turn into burglars quickly with images of valuables.

Sometimes it is easy to do a Google search of your name and find your whereabouts to later attack. Burglars use these highways of information to become familiar with their victims’ homes and plot out the burglaries they complete.


The Smart Lock Factor

Smart Home Locksmith Prevention

Smart locks can help modern homeowners prevent burglary. These locks don’t come with traditional door handles with keys; they are electronic locks that open when an individual put’s in a particular security code. You can assign codes to all the individuals in the home or a single principle that the entire family can use. You can also provide access or different codes to guests like workers, contractors, or out of state friends, which the homeowner can activate and deactivate freely.

Hard stat and data, according to FBI, there were an estimated 1,579,527 burglaries and many break-ins were without a forced entry, for example, shoulder or kick attack. How? Well, unfortunately, many homeowners leave their doors and windows unlocked.

You can negate this issue with your smart lock home security app. The application would send you a notification that can inform you to lock the door if you forgot to close it. Or, better yet, lock it for you if you’re far away on an errand.

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