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5 Door Opening Techniques Locksmiths Use to Open Doors?

5 door opening techniques locksmiths use

If you experience a residential lockout, call a reputable locksmith who will swiftly arrive, use one of their door-opening techniques to unlock your door, and get you back inside your home.

But how can they unlock doors that are locked or stuck?

West Flagler Locksmiths in Miami, FL, utilize various equipment and techniques to unlock many door locks with their experience and knowledge.

They can pick locks or force open a stuck door in as few seconds or as long as an hour. The overall time needed will depend on the kind of lock and if there are numerous locks on the door. Moreover, the problem they are trying to solve is whether a key is damaged or shattered within the lock.

The following are five of the most popular door-opening methods locksmiths use to gain entry into locked doors:


  1. The Least Invasive Door Lock Opening Technique is Key Bumping

how to stop lock bumping

Pin-tumbler locks are picked with a bump key. The use of the bump key to open the door is referred to as bumping.

The cuts on a bump key are made as deep as possible. First, the cylinder is partially filled with the bump key. Then a hammer or screwdriver is used to strike it.

The position of the pins inside the cylinder is disrupted by the abrupt energy created when the key is struck. However, the Brickell locksmith service team can swiftly twist and unlock the key within the cylinder because the pins momentarily jump and generate a temporary shear line.

The simplest way to unlock your door lock is using a bump key, which typically works. However, your locksmith must explore alternative possibilities if your lock is complicated.


If you want to prevent a bump-key attack from intruders, read How to Choose a Pick Resistant Lock and Bump Proof Locks?


  1. Picking Locks is another non-intrusive Door Opening Technique

lockpicking is a door lock opening technique

A mix of tools and abilities is needed for lockpicking to unlock a door. Lockpicking is possible thanks to the potential for tiny anomalies, such as changes in size, shape, and component alignment, that make locks pickable. 

Those were the two non-intrusive lock-opening techniques locksmiths use to assist you in getting inside your house if you don’t have a spare key.


  1. Drilling a Lock is a Destructive Door Opening Technique

drilling a door

However, there are occasions when bringing out the drill is necessary. It usually only happens as a last resort when the lock has suffered damage and must be replaced. Sometimes it is impractical to pick or bump a lock. 

Before proceeding, a locksmith should talk with you about it. Before starting, you must give the locksmith permission to drill the lock and be informed of potential replacement lock charges.


  1. Rekey Locks is a Cheap way to Prevent Theft


Consider replacing the lock when the primary and backup keys are lost or misplaced for security reasons. However, rekeying the lock is more cost-effective than purchasing a new one. To keep your house safe from burglars, ask the locksmith about rekeying lock services they provide.


  1. Replace the Locks to Increase Security


If your lock breaks and you become locked out, the locksmith can replace it and install a new, upgraded lock.


However, be aware of locksmiths that advise replacing the locks right away without using various strategies and approaches to preserve your current locks. Of course, if it’s not necessary for security, a skilled locksmith will always consider replacing the locks as a last option.


But you may update to a better locking system with new locks, which you probably planned to do, and now you have your chance.

Locks must be dependable and robust with security features since they provide defense against security threats.

Locksmiths cannot use traditional door opening techniques like bump keys and lock picking to open electronic locking mechanisms.

Since most keyless entry devices are digital, programming is necessary to open doors. Professional locksmith services can operate these locks because they have the essential programming abilities that an amateur would not have.

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