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4 Door Lock Security Recommendation for Miami Homeowners

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Door lock security isn’t essential to homeowners until they read a burglary story on Facebook or the newspaper or even witnessed a neighbor’s bad experience. Today, people have become more vigilant and careful about their property’s security and protection. They’re often staying home more because of the unemployment and the ugly riots we have commonly seen. But, how you know if you need help and locksmith Miami services?

When was the last time a locksmith near you changed the locks? Have you ever kept a key under the mat and did not found it, and until this post, you remember you lost it? Have you provided a spare key to a neighbor, friend, or in-house worker?

Yes, having a security system helps; however, criminals will often wear a ski mask and kick the door down to enter a home regardless if you have installed a camera. Therefore, a device like a high-security door lock is more successful at preventing entry than security cameras.

Locksmiths in Miami, FL, have seen the worst frond door kick-ins and burglaries in Miami, so we know a thing or two about door lock security. Therefore, go and buy a high-security lock and enjoy the peace of mind you deserve.

Keen on protecting your home? Here are four security tips for Miami homeowners:

1. Inspect the Conditions of the Door Lock

Locksmith Maintenance Service
Just because you buy a high-security lock that doesn’t mean it’s over. Locks need once or twice a year maintenance and may breakdown if you don’t provide it.

Just by inspecting the lock on your front door and back door, you can decide whether it works correctly. But consider doing more than an inspection: touch the lock, then insert your key and move it inside to see if it’s loose.

Consider an inspection every few months, and if you see a malfunction, call a professional locksmith Miami service. So, you will upgrade the security of your home while keeping your family safe.

2. Keep Windows and Doors Locked

After installing a sturdy door lock, consider your other home entry points like the garage, patio door, windows, and doors. Yes, it is OK for homeowners to replace the back door with a sliding patio door. But, you’ll need to keep this glass door shut with a bar and a tough lock.

Garages need to keep the emergency release out of reach of fishing techniques that disable the can lower the handle, allowing for entry.

Windows need tints or curtains besides replacing the factory latches with sturdy locks. Although these devices can protect your home from burglars, they can do it if you don’t lock the door after leaving on an errand or going to sleep.

3. Smart Door Locks

smart locks 2

If you like technology and want something tech-heavy, then consider buying a smart lock.

Here are a few things to consider first:

  • You can choose from many entry methods like keypad, biometric, RFID, and Bluetooth.
  • Don’t settle for the pretty one; thus, shop around and do your homework to match the right smart lock to your home security needs.
  • If you already have a smart security system, integrate the smart lock into the system.
  • Ensure you update the smart lock and check for new upgrades.
  • Locksmiths can help with the smart lock installation or replacement.

4. Keen on Locksmith Scams

Most locksmiths are straightforward, dedicated, and responsible experts. But we have seen the news, and some locksmiths have become corrupted and may break the law. Thus, consider using some countermeasures to guarantee that you’re hiring the right locksmith in Miami service.

Here are some tips that can help you hire the best Miami locksmith service:

  • Please hire locally; don’t employ an out of town locksmith.
  • Request ID, locksmith certification, insurance, and license.
  • Get a written statement; don’t rely on a verbal or handshake.
  • Ask about any hidden fees.
  • If the locksmith doesn’t have an ID, the van company name doesn’t match the name they gave you when you called, or any other irregularity, don’t pay anything.

Once more, most locksmiths work decently and responsibly, but there is always a bad apple looking for more.

The conclusion to door lock security

Regardless of how wonderful your area may look, you can always do more to improve your home security. Like above, consider traditional high-security locks or smart locks, and hire the services of a trusted Miami locksmith with many years of service. Caraballo Liberty Locksmith has replaced and install all types of door locks, so make sure to follow their recommendation.

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