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3 Types of Locksmith Customers You’ll Find in Miami

3 types of locksmith customers you'll find in miami

By now, you’ve probably seen all the content on our blog relates to giving you the very best locksmith tips from one of the top locksmiths in Miami. However, sometimes we like to keep it casual and write about something that’s a little more fun and lighthearted.

If you were born and raised in the 305, you know your fair share of vibrant characters. With a latin zest that’s hard to replicate in any other city in the U.S., Miami’s vibrancy gives way to a… peculiar… set of personalities. In our 30+ years of locksmithing experience, you can bet we’ve collected quite the set of stories, but for the sake of simplicity, we’ll just tell you about three types of customers we’ve found on the locksmith Miami scene.

Type 1: The 4am South Beach Party Animal

locksmith in miami beach

Wandering the streets of Miami Beach on a Saturday night (or Sunday morning), you’ll find just about everything and anything. Needless to say, you’ve always got to proceed with caution. And when people are dancing the night away, they’re so focused on the rhythm they forget about the jingle…in their keys!

Now obviously, if we see someone extremely intoxicated and under the influence, we will not service them for car lockouts and strongly suggest they call a friend or an uber up to pick them up. Drunk driving is *never* worth it. But in regards to the party animals who don’t drink, or drunk people who are missing their house keys, their reaction can fluctuate between “relief” and “chaotic”.

We don’t know if it’s the Miami Sound Machine still humming in their heads or something in that coastal breeze, but after spending almost the entire night grooving to the music, the last situation you want to find yourself is getting locked out of your car or home (and not being able to take in the sweetness of a proper bed). But thankfully, a proper locksmith can make a great night with a potentially sour ending turn sweet.

Type 2: The Brickell Financial District Manager

locksmith in brickell

Hopped up on an entire colada to himself, the Brickell financial district manager runs through the whole presentation in his car as he gets ready to present the numbers to the board of trustees. With his folder of important files on the passenger seat of his Lexus, he’s rehearsing that last part over and over. In a haste, he steps out the car and closes the door and–gulp, he instinctually realizes what he’s left in the car. The keys to his car. And the keys to his presentation.

When a locksmith arrives to service him, his eyes and ears perk up like he’s seen Santa arrive on a particularly humid day in July. He’ll reminds us how important this presentation is to him & the company and how we “saved his bacon”, so to speak (typically bacon is substituted for more colorful language but we keep it family-friendly at Caraballo Liberty).

Ultimately, when the service is done, he’ll either give you a hearty handshake or an abrazo filled with the appreciation of a thousand suns. In his pricey suit and Louis Vuitton loafers, he walks off feeling like a renewed man. And you know he killed that presentation.

Type 3: The Classic Miami Haggler

Typically, when you give Caraballo Liberty Locksmith a call, we’ll give you a quote estimate and if it works well for you, we’ll head on over. After the service, you pay what was discussed on the phone and we’re on our way. It’s that simple, right?

Ah, but you see in South Florida, it’s like everyone has a little ounce of slick talk in their blood. They’ll treat it like a used car dealership and try to talk down the listing price by starting an abnormally lower rate.

Typically, this exchange starts out with “Bro, let’s make a deal” (it always starts with “Bro” or “Hermano”) and they’ll promise you referrals in exchange for a lower cost. Hey, for some, that business model works great but for us locksmiths, referrals can only be rewarded after their friend has completed a service. But that won’t deter the classic Miami haggler from shooting his shot.

Disclaimer: Our Customers Are The Best

Even though we’re poking a little lighthearted fun at our customers, keep in mind that we know locksmiths in Miami are still locksmiths from Miami. Therefore, we embody some of that zest just the same as our customers. One thing is for sure, Miami never keeps it boring.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!

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