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3 Pros of Installing a Deadbolt Lock on your House Door

pros of deadbolt locks for house door

A deadbolt lock is necessary because they guarantee safety in many house door circumstances. The main benefit of deadbolts is that they increase security in your home, apartment, and office. Therefore, they make it difficult for anyone to enter without a key.

Because it offers reliable home security, a deadbolt door lock is essential. You must secure every exterior door if you reside in a neighborhood with a high burglary rate. Secure your back and front door with deadbolts, ensuring nobody enters your property, even with force.

The lock manufacturers offer many types of deadbolts, each with its advantages I will describe below. To determine which type will suit your needs the best, check with the local Caraballo locksmiths in Miami, FL.


3 Benefits of Deadbolt Door Locks

office and house deadbolt lock replacement


What makes a deadbolt door lock the best gadget for home security? The following are three advantages that deadbolt locks offer a house:


Deadbolt Door Locks Provide Homes High Security 


Deadbolt locks provide houses and property with the highest protection thanks to their locking mechanism.

Unlike traditional knob locks, the deadbolt lock paired with a sturdy door prevents intruders from using forced entry techniques like knives, credit cards, kicks, or crowbars to open the door.


Simple Lock Installation for Locksmith 

The deadbolt lock is simple to install for handyman people. However,  contact a professional Brickell locksmith service if you need help installing the deadbolt door lock.


Electronic and Smart Deadbolt Locks Offer Convenience


Before, when a homeowner loses the house key, a regular door lock may lock them out from the outside. Today, the deadbolt lock has evolved into an electronic and smart deadbolt door lock.

The electronic lock’s motorized deadbolt works well with multiple access techniques, including fingerprint and PIN codes. You may also buy the smart deadbolt lock since the user can control its features via a smartphone. In addition, electronic deadbolt locks enable keyless entry without the fear of losing keys. However, if you like old-school gadgets, traditional locks offer bump-proof and pick-resistant protection.


3 Types Of Deadbolt Locks for Door Houses

types of deadbolt door locks for houses

Single cylinder


A single-cylinder deadbolt is installed within the door and operates by a twist knob inside and a keyhole outside. You must use a key or knob to move the deadbolt into and out of position manually. However,  if a door includes glass panels, a burglar can break the glass and unlock the deadbolt from the inside. So, if you need a better solution, read below.


Double Cylinder


The expert installs the double-cylinder lock internally. The absence of a twist knob and the presence of key cylinders on both sides differentiate the single cylinder from the double cylinder lock. The need for a key to activate the bolt on both sides of the door makes the deadbolt the most secure. In addition, it has the advantage that a burglar cannot smash any glass in or near your doorframe to open the door with a simple reach and twist of the knob. 


The drawback of a double-cylinder deadbolt is that it would take longer to find and use the required key if you had to evacuate your home in an emergency, such as a fire. So, the double cylinder locks offer the best solution for doors that include glass panels. However, you must leave the key nearby in case of fire or other emergencies.


Electronic Keyless Deadbolt Door Lock-Perfect for House and Properties


The locksmith expert also installs the electronic lock within the door, but it features a keypad where you can enter a secret pin instead of a keyhole.


They have the benefit of eliminating the requirement for a key. Hence, there is no danger that your key will ever be stolen or lost again. Furthermore, you may quickly and easily change the pin or code as often as you’d like if you want to be cautious or believe someone has discovered your password.


The main benefit of a deadbolt is that its unique locking mechanism offers you the best defense against a powerful physical assault. For example, crowbars or knives can force open ordinary locks that use a sprint mechanism. However, deadbolts are challenging to break in this way. As a result, the deadbolt lock is more difficult to unlock and takes longer to break into.


So, the intruder will think about breaking into the house or not, as more time and noise increase the chances of getting caught.

Consider a deadbolt lock replacement from a trusted locksmith store if you need to replace your door lock.

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