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3 Euro Lock Biggest Weaknesses

euro lock cylinder


If you live in the US, you probably do not have to worry about an intruder snapping your euro lock, but many people unknowingly could have installed these locks on their doors.

You can discover euro profile locks in most of UPVC and composite doors installed 15 years ago and work with a multipoint lock. If you have an uPVC/composite or wooden door, good odds you have a euro cylinder lock.

Well, euro cylinder locks can have a few issues Wynwood locksmith will discuss below but there is always a solution too:


  1. Bypassing Euro Locks


Ensure that you do not put a thumb turn on your Euro lock, since an intruder can bypass it much easier. A thumb turn can undermine a lock core. Most thumb turn cylinders ignore the core so you might not here stories of lock picking or key bumping.

So, as long the keyway permits access to the handle, a burglar can rotate it. There are sold devices on the open or black market that can do that.


  1. Euro Lock Snapping

metal plier used for lock snapping a euro lock

How much time does lock snapping require? It can require only 5-10 seconds for an intruder to snap the lock. Sadly, it does not require no expert tools or information like lock picking.  Various experts in Europe are cautioning residents that lock snapping is a method for forced entry which requires no expert devices or brains just brute force. Access the protruding end of a Euro cylinder and grasp it with a tool and shake the lock until it snaps down in half. Then remove the lock and access the bolt mechanism and open the entryway.

The weakness in Euro Cylinders is the metal right underneath the fixing hole. That hole leaves a thin piece of metal on the sides of the opening. The piece that connects the two sides of the cylinder is perforated by the fixing hole. Thus, only the cam will rest in the gap between each side. Nothing else holds these locks together, and when the euro lock has weak metal, the lock will fail. Applying serious pressure on the cylinder will break the lock. When the lock breaks in half, the burglar can open the entryway easily.


  1. Drilling a Door Lock

drilling door lock kit

If a locksmith drills too far into these euro cylinder locks, the expert can break the actuator. Ensure you hire a reliable locksmith company or contractor. Because when the actuator is broken, the lock will not work, even with the key. When the actuator is broken, the lock will need removal.

However, its more troublesome if the lock is anti-snap. When the intruder cannot snap the euro lock, and the actuator has broken, the criminal will have to give up. But the homeowner will have to get a new door. Moreover, ensure the locksmith knows how many pins they are hitting.


SS312 Diamond Approved Lock Cylinder

SS312 Diamond Approved Lock Cylinder
SS312 Diamond Approved Anti- Snapping Lock Cylinder -Image Courtesy of West Midland Locksmiths

The best solution to your euro lock cylinder issues comes with a model lock SS312 Diamond Approved Cylinder. SS312 Diamond lock can prevent lock snapping. When this lock detects snapping it fires a pin into the cam of the lock – blocking any manipulation. But you can still operate the lock with the key from inside.


The Conclusion to Euro Lock Weaknesses


The Euro lock is not the best sort of lock since these locks have many weaknesses. Nearly everybody that has a euro cylinder lock is in danger of a burglary. Many Downtown Miami Locksmiths specialists have expressed that they want to see these locks replaced. The lock design is too weak. You can have these locks for collection, however, do not install a euro lock on your home.

Oddly, lock picking these locks is difficult, but most intruders do not pick locks. Anti-snap locks and precautions do give some security; however, they do not stop burglars from targeting your home. There aren’t many benefits that you receive by using these kinds of locks. Some people like composite doors and UPVC but instead choose a high security deadbolt lock for your door.

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